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Saturday, January 28, 2006 

U.S. Messing With Haiti, As Usual

We seriously need to stop this shit, it's getting ridiculous. Our foreign policy is so fucked, it's going to get us all killed when the third world decides its sick of us using them for our gain alone. Having the State Department say one thing and having the ambassador trying to promote democracy and then having some shady government supported agency backing the opposition, in effect destabilizing the country by making it impossible for Aristide's party to succeed is disgusting. If we're going to try and help these nations to have open and free democracies/republics, then let's do it. Let's allow there government to function on it's own and it doesn't matter who they elect as long as they respect the rights of the people and continue to have open elections so that the people are actually deciding. None of this saying one thing publicly and then supporting another group saying something else, you had the non-profit I.R.I. guy saying that he was the true representative of American Policy not the United States Ambassador. And the sad part is that he was pretty much telling the truth. It's a sad fucking state of affairs, and continues to put the chaos and mess that is Haiti fully on our heads.



aaaahahahahahaaa, helping people... that's good.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:39 PM  


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