Wednesday, November 06, 2002 

For the record, I must agree with James Carville's assessment of the Democratic Parties efforts leading up to the election. I guess this puts me squarely in the confrontationalist wing of the party, rather than the appeasement portion. I feel that the party did not do nearly enough to focus attention on the insider trading by the president, the ineptness and corruption of a number of people he appointed, the fact that rather than ending the recession his tax-cut has made things worse, that "it's the economy stupid!", that he is needlessly getting us into a war, that he is alienating all our allies, that the administration is the most corporate friendly government ever, that many of the same corporations that helped to define policy are also responsible for a great loss of jobs, pension funds, retirement accounts, et c. But did the Democrats do this, no, they went along, allowing him to gain popularity without forcing the public to look at the road he is leading us down, and the result? The Republicans gained seats in the House and Senate and now control the whole government. As much as I hate Canada, it's looking more and more like the place to be these days.

Monday, November 04, 2002 

Well I guess this is the start of a new era, I have moved from merely being a informed observer of the workings of the Internet to an actual participant in the creation of new material. More to come when I feel creative.