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Friday, March 24, 2006 

New Mutual Fund

So here's my idea, I want to set up a mutual fund that invests in low-interest small business loans in developing areas across the globe. I'm sure there's some way we could get some tax breaks to encourage investment, though I should probably look into that. I figure that we'd need people on the ground in different areas searching for good opportunities, as we'd be selective about who to lend money to, there would have to be a proposal process, but we would publicize the opportunity in the communities of focus in order to ensure that we get as many viable investments as possible. We'd be providing a service to the citizens and economies of developing nations, particularly if we looked to sustainability as a focus of investment. And if we are good in choosing who to invest in, then we will be able to provide a return to our investors and thus encourage greater investment in our fund and thus greater investment on a local scale to communities throughout the world.

I think a good way of marketing it is to model it after rtmark.com, in that the return to investors focusing more on cultural capital, essentially coming back as a return to the betterment of everyone rather than being a traditional profit venue.



Venture Philanthropy is the practice of making grants to non-profit organizations in the style of a venture capitalist: with high engagement, clear objectives, measureable progress, often targeting organizational growth (via capacity building). Funding for general operating purposes (rather than only specific projects) shows trust in the investee.

There are about 42 organizations in the US that fit the definition, controlling about $400M of capital, making $50M/year in grants (only about .2% of all foundation grants).


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